Here is a list of World of Warcraft client addons. I’ve added version numbers of each addon and what version of the game client that they are known to work with. Right now I am listing only Vanilla (also known as Classic) World of Warcraft addons. I plan to add links for addons that work with The Burning Crusade and The Lich King expansion packs. These addons haven’t been virus scanned or tested. Download and use at your own risk. No support is offered.

11/25/2017: Fixed an issue with the download protection script. Links are working again.

Plugin Name
Auctioneer (includes a few prerequisites and optional addons) 1.12.1
Atlas 1.8.5a 1.12.1
AtlasLoot 1.21.02 1.12.1
Cartographer 18624 1.12.1
Chatmod 1.05b 1.12.1
DamageMeters 5.3.1 1.12.1
Decursive 1.12.1
EquipCompare 2.9.8 1.12.1
Gatherer 2.20 1.12.1
HealBot 1.1256 1.12.1
KLHThreatMeter 17.22 1.12.1
MobInfo2 2.98 1.12.1
QuestLevel 2.1 1.12.1
Recap 3.35 1.12.1
Titan Panel 2.20 1.12.1

Untested archive containing approximately 402 vanilla addons (size: 70MB)

Second untested archive containing unknown amount of vanilla addons (size: 51MB)

A great addon for Vanilla World of Warcraft is Questie. It helps you find questgivers, and where to find items for quests. Currently it is under active development.

Have a suggestion for an addon to be listed here? Leave a comment below with the name of the addon, version number, and a possible location to download it.

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