What is Bastion of Stormwind? I started this web site back in 2006 when I first started playing retail World of Warcraft. I helped form a guild and that was the name of my first guild. I got the domain name and setup a website to keep in contact with the guild, share advise, share download links to the patch files (this was before the official patch downloader changed to bit torrent to speed up downloads). The guild didn’t last long but I decided to keep the site. It’s been running faithfully since then. Originally built on Joomla, I moved the site over to WordPress in August 2014.

My goal for this web site is to have a complete repository for all client installers and patch files. Please help fill in my missing patch files, patch notes, macros, and addons with your suggestions.

Currently I am not playing on any private servers, but have experience playing on Feenix Emerald Dream, Elysium, Kronos, Light’s Hope, Nostalrius, and Rebirth servers, alliance and horde factions.

A World of Warcraft fan site featuring archived client patches, addons, and other information.